Sun-Maid Update to COVID-19 Situation

Our Commitment to Our Community & Consumers

Without question, the global COVID-19 pandemic is impacting all of us – including Sun-Maid – in unprecedented ways. We are all adapting to a new way of life and how we do business in this current reality.  Our hearts and sincere thanks go out to all of those on the front lines, to all employees keeping the food and cleaning supplies moving between processors and retailers, growing, producing, shipping, and stocking shelves, to the medical personnel acting quickly to contain the situation as best as possible.

Protecting & Thanking The Sun-Maid Team

During this critical time, we are focused on supporting our employees, growers, and their families.  By being a “farm to table” business, literally, Sun-Maid’s employee and grower community is part of an essential business that is continuing to meet the demands of our consumers and customers.  While we’re fully operational, we have taken all precautions as advised by the CDC to protect the safety and wellbeing of our employees who remain in our facilities. We have implemented strict visitor policies and screening processes as an additional step to be proactive in maintaining a healthy working environment.  To help employees and their families with the hand sanitizer supply shortage, we’ve temporarily converted a small portion of our processing capabilities to producing the World Health Organization’s recommended formulation.  Lastly, we have instituted work from home policies wherever possible and maintain strict guidance on social distancing for onsite personnel. Writing can’t express the amount of gratitude we have for our team, whether they’re juggling remote work and personal responsibilities while under a shelter-in-place order, or working everyday within our operating sites to produce the nation’s favorite natural snack, our team continues to demonstrate an astounding work ethic to see through today’s environment.

Protecting Our Consumers

As always, Sun-Maid is committed to delivering safe, better-for-you snacks that meet all food safety and regulatory requirements.  The CDC and the USDA state that there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 as a foodborne pathogen, and the FDA is not aware of any reports of transmission through food or food packaging.  We are in constant communication with several agencies to understand any updated FDA guidelines as a measure to take preventative steps to safeguard our consumers if the need arises.

Further, we know that many moms and kids rely on Sun-Maid for pantry snacks.  As such, we are continuing to do our best to ensure we have product available at your local retailers – both in-store and online – to serve families during this time when many are staying home together.

Supporting Our Community

Despite this pandemic’s global scale, it’s our communities around the world that are working together to support and sustain us while we slow the spread of the virus. As a 100+ year-old company with its roots (literally) in California, we have a strong history of supporting our local community; and in this time of need, we’ve stepped up our giving. We are donating to food banks, organizations, and senior centers within the area. We know this is a tough situation for many people and their families. As your reliable snacking partner, we thank you for your ongoing support of—and love for—the Sun-Maid brand, and wish everyone well as we work through this challenging time.


Harry Overly
President & CEO